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The contract term is usually 24 months, should you wish to terminate the agreement then we simply ask for 30 days notice. Over the years, we’ve had very few clients leave, so we hope you’ll enjoy our software and the service you receive as much as our existing clients do.

Each module has an initial on-boarding fee which is only chargeable once. This covers the cost of the team building out your site, training your teams and guiding you through the whole onboarding process. Each module has a small service fee that is paid at the point of transaction, this enables us to continue to maintain the site and most importantly make continual improvements where we will roll out new features and functionality with no additional costs to yourselves. We also provide you with ongoing support should it be required.

Yes, the main reason for switching to OneJourney is to provide guests with an all in one booking experience. By giving guests the ability to purchase upgrades, or add additional items and experiences to their basket that they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to do when using a platform selling a single type of item, we expect OneJourney to generate more revenue for you.

Yes, One Journey will reduce your operational overheads as call volumes decrease and will also increase direct bookings which will reduce the level of commissions that you may currently be paying to third parties.

OneJourney provides your guests with an experiential user journey, encouraging a greater emotional connection to their purchase, and consequently better conversion rates and higher overall basket value.

It will take approximately 6-8 weeks from the approval of the contract to getting you live.

OneJourney is compatible with some of the world's leading software providers. You can see the full list of partners we work with here.

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